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We provide solutions to our clients challenges through our innovative approach to offsite building construction

In the world of off-site building construction, timing and quality are everything.

Whether it’s a bathroom pod or contained accommodation units for students, hotels or residential customers you need a cost effective solution delivered on time and to the highest specification. Our dedicated, state of the art facility manufactures high quality uPVC & aluminium windows and doors that are the perfect fit for modular buildings.

Using our specialised expertise and refined manufacturing capabilities, we are able to produce a range of products that can be transported from our own factory in South Yorkshire and installed in pre-fabricated construction sites anywhere in the country.

Removing complexity from your supply chain, reducing cost in production and increasing productivity is what we do every day for our customers and clients in the offsite manufacturing sector.

How we work at Euramax

At Euramax we can reduce the overall cost to manufacture, designing out complexity and delivering JIT products.

Euramax has taken an automotive approach to our design, production and customer deliveries to ensure we align with your requirements in the off-site building constuction sector. With timely just in time deliveries, prepared ready for easy installation, with reduced waste and packaging, we provide a faster, cleaner and safer work environment for your production lines.

Capability is at our core

70 years of production - we understand the changing demands of our clients

Off-Site manufacturing has become a standard bearer of how highly efficient production processes, coupled with modern materials can be used to produce quality products much quicker than traditional methods. Euramax has stood shoulder to shoulder with it clients to ensure that efficiency and quality continues through our products and service.

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Euramax provides perfect partnership for Portakabin

From its headquarters in York, Portakabin was developing a new product, a portable building system specifically for Europe.

As part of the system, they wanted to develop a way of installing windows and doors around 175mm deep walls made up of insulation and external finishes either side. After approaching several companies about a solution, it was Euramax they chose.

Our capabilities

Established in 1950, Euramax has grown from a small, local supplier, to a trusted, national manufacturer of innovative products that meet customer needs

70 Years


205,000sq ft




3,300+ Products

Manufactured per week

Our capabilities

Euramax Solutions & Ilke homes

A window into modular homes Euramax provides sustainable solution to modular manufacturer.

Ilke Homes, who creates up to 2,000 new factory-built homes a year, turned to leading window and door manufacturer Euramax to provide energy-efficient windows and doors for its housing schemes.

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We are confident we can provide a solution that can improve your offsite production

Whether its through refining product design, product availability, just in time delivery models, installation or anything else related to your off-site production of your bathroom pod, contained accommodation units for students, hotels or residential, we believe we can deliver a better return on your investment.