Euramax French Doors

A modern style, our French Doors allow you to flood your home with natural light

At Euramax Solutions, we understand that every home is different. That’s why our French Patio Doors are designed to fit into most apertures, they come in standard sizes from stock or bespoke sizes on an extended lead time. All Euramax French Patio Doors are hinged and can open up to 180 degrees, truly bringing the outside in.

2 sets of French doors
Euramax French doors

Invite the outdoors in with Euramax French Patio Doors in either uPVC or aluminium.

Elegant French doors are a fantastic replacement for a window, especially if you wish to increase light or provide easy access to the garden. French doors are available in a range of materials, so it is important to decide which you prefer.

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At Euramax, we believe the camera doesn’t lie and that the proof in the final product, installed properly, will look stunning in any home, whether that be a modern new development, an extension or just replacement for old patio doors.

French Doors - White
French Anthracite / Graphite Doors
White French Doors
White Aluminium French Doors
A huge range of colours

Whether you want be traditional or be modern and bold, we have the colours.

Whether you’re looking to enhance a residential property, capture a traditional appearance or create a stylish finish, Euramax french patio doors are available in a vast array of colours and woodgrain finishes. From city-centre buildings to rural developments, we recognise the need for different colours and finishes.

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We can manufacture a huge range of french doors in various colours & finishes

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We use 34km of uPVC each week

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70+ years

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