Bringing the outside in

Open up your living space, garden, and patio area with a Euramax bi-folding door.

Elegantly smooth in operation, Euramax Solutions Bi-Fold doors make a real impact on not only a room but the whole house, especially if you wish to increase light or provide easy access to the garden. Bi-Fold doors are available in a range of materials, with different colours and finishes. The Euramax Bi-Fold doors are Engineered to withstand the unstable British climate.

Bifold Doors
Bi-fold's a room changer

Bi-fold door’s expansive glass panels give you an uninterrupted widescreen view of the outdoors.

Bi-Fold patio door sets are great for larger openings, they offer a contemporary and stylish alternative to traditional patio doors, creating a seamless inside/outside entertainment space. They can be made so that all the leaves fold back together, or a single door can be added for easy day-to-day access.

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At Euramax, we believe the camera doesn’t lie and that the proof in the final product, installed properly, will look stunning in any home, whether that be a modern new development, an extension or just replacement for old patio doors.

White Bi-Fold Doors
Anthracite / Graphite Bi-Fold Doors
Conservatory Bi-Fold Doors
A huge range of colours

Whether you want be traditional or be modern and bold, we have the colours.

Whether you’re looking to enhance a residential property, capture a traditional appearance or create a rustic finish, Euramax bi-fold doors are available in a vast array of colours and finishes. From city-centre buildings to rural developments, we recognise the need for different colours and finishes.

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We can manufacture a huge range of bi-fold doors in various colours & finishes

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We use 34km of uPVC each week

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Manufacturing for 70+ years

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