There’s no place like a renovated home

Euramax releases infographic on aspirational living trends

The lifestyle choices of homeowners are changeable, and the home they originally bought may no longer meet their needs. However, renovation can enhance a home to accommodate changing requirements, without the expense of relocating. Leading PVCu windows and doors manufacturer, Euramax, has released an infographic explaining how to renovate homes to achieve five current aspirational living trends.

Selling a house and relocating somewhere new is neither a simple nor cheap process. On a £350,000 house in England, the stamp duty tax would work out at around  £7,500. With stamp duty and moving costs often as high as the price of an extension, it is often more economically sensible for homeowners to realise their home aspirations in their current property, and invest in projects that make their goals a reality.

Many people aspire to spend more time in nature, whether for simple enjoyment or the proven health benefits. However, busy modern lifestyles mean outdoor activities are often put on hold — so the outdoors must be brought in. House plants can create an indoor green space and even improve air quality, while floor to ceiling windows and skylights can let in light and take advantage of a natural view.

While people are becoming more interested in nature, they are also considering their environmental impact. In fact, sustainable living — ranging from food to travel —dominated the Pinterest 100 for 2019, an annual list of top living trends.

Sometimes, small changes such as the installation of solar panels or SMART technology are all a property needs to make dreams come true — but larger renovation projects have the potential to completely transform a home. Building extensions and creating open plan living areas are the best ways to open up a home and increase space for entertaining, as well as giving the area a modern, airy feel.

“The ‘renovate not relocate’ movement is growing, and many homeowners are looking to adapt their existing home to suit their lifestyle changes rather than investing elsewhere,” explained Nick Cowley, managing director at Euramax. “The lifestyles homeowners aspire to are unique, whether it’s to become more sustainable or make use of new modern technologies.

“We wanted to demonstrate how dream lifestyles can be achieved with different home improvements, from smaller additions such as revamping a property’s windows and doors to drastic changes. This infographic will encourage homeowners to remain in their existing home while adopting their aspirational lifestyle — after all, there’s no place like home."

Download the infographic here.