For homebuilders and homeowners, energy efficiency should be at the top of the list of considerations when selecting windows and doors. From helping your customers save money on energy bills, to growing your business, it’s surprising the benefits that energy efficient windows and doors can offer. Here, Nick Cowley, managing director of PVCu windows and doors expert Euramax Solutions, discusses the importance of energy efficiency.


According to The Energy Saving Trust UK, up to 20 per cent of a home’s heat loss is caused by inefficient windows and doors. However, installing energy efficient products can ensure that people live comfortably, save money and reduce their carbon footprint.

In addition, energy efficient windows and doors are beneficial to the environment. The Governed British Fenestration Ratings Council rates the quality of energy efficiency between a scale of A to G, with an A rating demonstrating the highest energy efficiency performance. The higher the performance, the more heat that is retained, therefore reducing the need to use energy provided from central heating.

With environmental issues a great concern, many contractors are under pressure to help customers reduce their energy consumption by supplying energy efficient products.


High efficiency, low costs

From the start of the supply chain to the end user, energy efficiency is important. For homeowners, the biggest benefit of choosing energy efficient products is the potential cost savings. Therefore, suppliers and installers should consider every aspect of the products they select — everything from the panes and frames to the sealants being used. For instance, new build homeowners can potentially save up to £700 a year on energy bills if the houses are fitted with energy efficient A and B rated windows and doors.


Providing energy efficiency

Supplying what your customers want will benefit your business. People want to save money wherever they can, so by providing a product that can do this is a huge selling point.

With the demand for energy efficient products increasing, it’s important that customers can rely on a contractor to provide them with a solution for increasing energy efficiency and reducing energy costs. By supplying and installing energy efficient products, not only will it increase sales, but it also positions your business as trustworthy and environmentally friendly, which helps retain customer loyalty.

When working with a new customer, ensuring that the windows and doors being installed are energy efficient, will save both initial and long-term costs and reduce your customers energy consumption.

On top of providing energy efficient products, another way to increase sales and position your business as trustworthy and reliable is offering a bespoke service. This can be particularly helpful for customers living in older homes that may not have standard size or shape window or door openings, meaning that off-the-shelf products just won’t fit.

Working with a supplier that can manufacture bespoke size windows and doors, such as Euramax Direct, means that your customer’s products will be precisely fitted, adding extra security and reducing the chances of heat escaping from poorly fitted frames – reducing energy consumption even further.

From cutting costs and carbon footprints, to increasing sales and efficiency, it’s important to supply, buy, and take advantage of energy efficient windows and doors, plus, there’ll be no cold toes – which is always a bonus!