In construction and independent contracting, it is more convenient to have all materials for projects available in one place rather than having to navigate and maintain relationships with countless suppliers. Here Nick Cowley, managing director of PVCu windows and doors manufacturer Euramax, explains why using building merchants is a smart decision for independent contractors.


Across the UK there are over 260 brands of the builder’s merchant, which, combined, account for over 10,000 individual outlets across the country. With the nation's appetite for renovation projects, which often include multi-skilled tasks such as plumbing, electrical installation and joinery, is easy to see why builder merchants are continuing to expand.

Building merchants are one-stop shops for independent contractors, offering all the products that you need to ensure that you can complete the job. However, sometimes it is easy to forget all the benefits that they offer. Whether fixing plumbing or electrics, renovating homes or installing new windows is your forte, builders’ merchants streamline finding parts to satisfy customer’s needs.

It’s important to note that contractors don't need to rely solely on one building merchant, as having more than one in your local area means you can shop around and find the best price for the product you require. Some merchants may be able to provide certain materials and others may stock more products, having the choice will help you decide on the best solution for your latest customer project.

Before you begin any project, you should have a full understanding of every material and component that you require to complete it. This will help you when buying from a merchant because buying parts in bulk will allow for cost saving. By buying through a building merchant you can be assured of the quality of the product, while also benefiting from any trade account discounts the merchant may offer.

By using a merchant, which is essentially a one-stop-shop for all contractor needs, you can reduce the amount of time you spend searching for specific products, meaning you can quote up your next project with time to spare. Purchasing from a merchant builder also decreases the amount of time that you need to wait for products to arrives as most have products in stock in store, which cuts out delivery delays for both you and your customer.  

Builders merchants also build strong connections with high quality manufacturers so that you don’t get lost in the crowd. Well known merchants, such as ToolStation, Travis Perkins, Selco, Screwfix and Wickes, all stock Euramax products, which means you have access to our quality products whenever and wherever you need them.

Being able to rely upon builder merchants to supply high-quality products at a reasonable price in your local area helps you ensure that projects remain on time and budget. Building a relationship with local builder merchants can ensure that you receive good recommendations for products at quality prices, guaranteeing you a happy customer.

Having the luxury of a one-stop-shop for all building materials cannot be underestimated. Being able to solely concentrate on projects instead of maintaining countless relationships is a bonus for the industry that should be taken advantage of.