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Sustainability in Manufacturing; The Euramax Way

Posted on: December 9, 2021

Sustainability in manufacturing can be defined as a method that minimises waste and reduces the environmental impact. The manufacturing sector in the UK employs 2.6 million people (2013) and contributed £154bn in gross (GVA) to the economy in 2011 (ONS, 2012). 

It is crucial given the importance of manufacturing, that sustainability is key to helping not just the industry but the world.

At Euramax, sustainability is key to helping our environmental impact on the world. We provide a sustainable solution to modular manufacturers with energy-efficient windows and doors.

Through our approach of design and development with sustainability in mind, we have made great strides to ensure that all our products are rated A for energy efficiency. Meaning that less energy is wasted, and our end users also save a great deal on energy bills too. This makes us one of the leading uPVC window and door companies to promote sustainability in manufacturing.



A number of our suppliers take our off-cuts from the fabrication process and are not just recycled, but turned back into brand new plastic products and materials for uPVC windows. Our glass suppliers also take care to consume fewer resources to promote sustainability in the manufacturing process.

We are in the process of switching to the Legend window system in order to meet new Building Regulations and renew our commitment to sustainability. The Legend system also includes a range of BBA approved plastic thermal reinforcements (PTRs) manufactured from recycled uPVC, which provide increased thermal performance when compared to steel reinforcing.

We are also making a conscious effort to minimise our environmental impact through the installation of solar panels to our lorries.

Nick Cowley, Euramax’s Managing Director spoke about Sustainability in Manufacturing;

“With the growing number of homes being built across the country, we believe that minimising our environmental impact is highly essential to the preservation of our planet as well as futureproofing the way we work.

 By taking steps to ensure that sustainability [Nick Cowley] is at the forefront of our operations, we are making ourselves more receptive to changes which will make transitioning to more sustainable ways of manufacturing much easier as and when new technologies emerge.”

Sustainability is very important to us at Euramax. From our energy-efficient products to the recycling that we do with supply partners, we are dedicated to helping our environmental impact.

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