Standing Still Not an Option for Euramax Solutions

Posted on: May 3, 2022

With the UK offsite and modular sectors set to play an ever-increasing role in the future of construction, one company is primed to continue what has been a rapid rise in both in a brief period of time.

Leading uPVC window and door manufacturer Euramax Solutions, which also supplies to national builders’ merchants and new build and holiday home markets, is growing rapidly thanks to high demand.

The Modular Group Investments (MGI) company is gearing up for even more growth thanks to an ambitious plan that will be set in motion over the next 12 months to grow the company by more than 35%.

New Business Unit Director Emma Chapman, who was brought in to streamline processes and maximise company growth within the growing modular market, explained: “After a successful first quarter of 2022 we are in a position to push forward and while our plans are certainly ambitious, the volumes are there in the marketplace.

“The modular market is so fast-paced, there really is no time to stand still. And that’s why we’re looking at all areas of the business to help us to achieve it and not only put us in a good position for now, but for the future too.”

Continued investment

The Barnsley-based company is currently targeting more partnerships in the modular and merchant world while continuing to strengthen its support for existing customers and is hoping to invest in new machinery.

“Supporting and extending our customer base is vital for moving forward and to do that we need to continue to invest in our manufacturing plant,” said Emma.

“Our factory is perfect for our automotive approach to lean manufacturing and lineside delivery system for making our high-volume products, but we want separate lines that can produce more bespoke products as well. It’s all about becoming bigger and better in the modular and offsite sectors.”

Strengthening an established team

Recruitment is something Emma has been particularly focused on during her first two months at the helm and she acknowledges it’s a challenge that has plagued the industry for several years.

“It’s no secret that attracting people into the sector is tough, which is why we are working on a recruitment drive,” said Emma. “But it’s not only about recruitment, it’s also about putting things in place internally that will benefit our team and lead to better staff retention.

“Since I’ve been here everyone has been brilliant, and we want to get that across; we want to make Euramax the key company to work for as well as buy from.

“Due to the growth we intend to make, we need to make sure that we have the personnel in place to help us succeed. We’re in a growth period and we’re in a great position – and it’s only going one way and that’s upwards.”

Net zero journey

An even bigger emphasis on Euramax Solutions’ journey to reduce its carbon footprint will also take place over the next 12 months.

The company is looking to link up with several programmes and local initiatives, including one on recycling and recyclable packaging, to help reduce its carbon footprint and help accelerate its journey to net zero.

“Greater expectations are now being placed on businesses in all sectors, and we want to make sure we are doing everything we can to meet and explain our responsibilities when it comes to net zero and sustainability,” added Emma.

“It’s why net zero will be a significant driver in our company strategy for long-term growth, with our plans to reduce carbon meaning we will reduce our costs, and it will give our customers another big reason to work with us.”

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