Euramax commits to fair living wage with new accreditation

Posted on: December 7, 2022

During tough times, it’s more important than ever that employers look after their staff, which is why leading uPVC manufacturer Euramax Solutions is proud to have received the sought-after Living Wage Employer Accreditation, ensuring all its workers are supported. 

The accreditation comes with being a member of the Living Wage Foundation, an organisation that works to recognise the leadership of responsible employers who choose to go further and pay a real living wage based on the cost of living rather than on the government minimum. 

Emma Chapman, Euramax Solutions’ Managing Director, comments: “The UK economy is facing a very tough time ahead, with millions already being affected by soaring energy bills and a general cost of living crisis. 

“Our employees are of course no different, and at Euramax, we believe it’s important for everyone to be entitled to a real living wage, especially during these hard economic times. 

“That’s why we’re incredibly proud to have received a Living Wage Employer Accreditation, knowing that we’re being recognised for paying our valued staff not just the minimum wage, but a realistic living wage. 

“Providing our staff with a fair living also goes hand in hand with job satisfaction, which is why we’ve always maintained a four-day working week for all of our weekly staff at our manufacturing facility. 

“Research has shown that a four-day working week actually results in increased productivity levels, fewer health issues, and happier employees in general. 

“In turn, this results in greater employee retention, allowing Euramax to grow, develop, and continue to successfully serve our valued customers. 

“Delivering excellent products and services is of course at the forefront of what Euramax does, but so is providing a healthy working environment for our employees, something which we are committed to continuing.”

Working from a 205,000 square foot factory in Barnsley, Euramax Solutions is a leading manufacturer of uPVC windows and doors, supplying to the off-site and modular construction, DIY and home improvement, new build and holiday home and leisure markets. 


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