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Introducing Endurawood


Do you love the appearance of wood, but wish to eliminate the common problems that come with it?

Introducing the latest addition to our product line, Endurawood.


What is Endurawood?

Endurawood is a range of wood-effect coated aluminium batten systems that can be used for commercial, construction, residential and offsite building projects. Endurawood can be used to create a number of outdoor products and systems, including cladding, fencing, decking, battens and soffits, enclosures, privacy screens, awnings and pergolas and railings.


Why aluminium?

Aluminium is a lightweight, naturally corrosion resistant and non-warping material. This makes installation far quicker and easier than when using wood or heavier building materials, such as concrete or steel. Aluminium’s resistance to harsh weather conditions increases its durability and its non-warping quality means that the material’s shape remains the same, even when placed in warm climates. Not to mention that aluminium is widely recycled, reducing the carbon footprint of your next project.


So, where does wood come into this? Endurawood uses an advanced paint-finish technology that coats the aluminium in one of 29 different wood effect shades, each inspired by the appearance of natural wood. Each shade suits a range of personal design preferences — you wouldn’t even notice it’s not wood. Check out the project gallery on the Endurawood website to see for yourself. Endurawood is also available a range of solid colours, which can add an unusual twist on traditional applications.


Who can use Endurawood?

Whether you’re a builder, installer, designer or DIY enthusiast, Endurawood can be used to enhance a building’s design with soffits and exterior cladding, or to spruce up a garden with stylish decking and pergolas.


By using Endurawood, you can transform any project with the beauty and natural finesse of wood, without the high maintenance and costs. Head over to to browse the range of products, applications, colours and more.

For more information, please visit the Endurawood website.